Help for Neuropathic Pain

Nerve pain is neuropathy.  Burning, stabbing, numb pain in the arms, hands, feet, leg, toes, and fingers is neuropathic pain.  Neuropathy is caused by a variety of likely issues like pinched nerves, spinal stenosis, or pressure from a herniated disc. Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation treats all of these conditions without surgery and with the Cox Technic as part of the chiropractic treatment plan.  If you or someone you know suffers with neuropathy or neuropathic pain, burning in the hands or feet, Call us today at (225)926-1900.


A recent medical research paper discusses the value of multivitamin nutrition for taking care of disc herniation with radiculopathy (aka a pinched nerve of the spine causing extremity pain), a condition Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation invites into its Baton Rouge chiropractic office! A randomized trial of a hundred patients with this condition investigated how well treatment alone and how well treatment plus a multivitamin nutrition supplement (with vitamins like B6, B12 and others) influenced their pain, disability and requirement for NSAID drugs. They found that supplementing with a multivitamin enhanced the treatment outcomes. Adding a nutritional factor to the treatment seems unassuming, but it does prove to be quite effective for Baton Rouge chiropractic patients with back pain, neck pain, and radiculopathy. Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation creates such a nutritional component to the Baton Rouge chiropractic treatment plan just for you, the Baton Rouge chiropractic patient so contact us today at (225)291-1900.

Getting Relief for Your Neck Pain

If your neck becomes sore, stiff, or tight, even attempting to turn your head can be excruciating. And concentration? With ample amounts of neck pain, anyone could be forgiven a lack of mental focus. Here at Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation, we have a solution.  It is a non-surgical, chiropractic solution that’s gentle, safe, and clinically proven not only to help lower pain but also to improve motion.

A Real Solution to Leg Pain!

When it comes to dealing with leg pain, the issue is rarely with the leg at all. For instance, if the pain would be shooting down the back of your leg and making your little toe numb, the issue is likely your L5S1 disc pressing on a nerve. If you haven’t figured it out yet, at Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation, we find that diagnosing leg pain can be enjoyable.

Chiropractic for Headache Relief

A Baton Rouge headache is not unusual. Some people get headaches once in a great while, while others get a headache daily. The causes of headache are varied. Most headaches are minor inconveniences that go away with minimal intervention. A rare headache may indicate more of a problem, but a thorough clinical examination like that provided by Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation can rule out a serious cause and help address the pain of a bothersome headache.

Chiropractic offers non-surgical pain relief to headache sufferers in Baton Rouge. The practice of Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation is equipped with chiropractic Cox Technic, a gentle, safe treatment to effectively address the cervical spine source of headache pain. Its gentle stretching as described by patients not only feels good, but may be the answer to your headache pain.