Chiropractic for Headache Relief

A Baton Rouge headache is not unusual. Some people get headaches once in a great while, while others get a headache daily. The causes of headache are varied. Most headaches are minor inconveniences that go away with minimal intervention. A rare headache may indicate more of a problem, but a thorough clinical examination like that provided by Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation can rule out a serious cause and help address the pain of a bothersome headache.

Chiropractic offers non-surgical pain relief to headache sufferers in Baton Rouge. The practice of Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation is equipped with chiropractic Cox Technic, a gentle, safe treatment to effectively address the cervical spine source of headache pain. Its gentle stretching as described by patients not only feels good, but may be the answer to your headache pain.

Pregnancy Back Pain

The news of being pregnant brings tears of joy … until lower back pain during pregnancy brings tears of pain!

But joy can be returned during pregnancy. Baton Rouge pregnant mothers don’t have to merely put up with lower back pain and/or leg pain while the baby grows. Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation uses the gentlest chiropractic treatment to relieve pain for Baton Rouge pregnant mothers just like you!

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Glad at Capitol Spine & Rehabilitation

Hope you listened in on Q106.5 around noon time.  Dr. Gerald Bell was talking it up with DJ Incredible and attorney Dathan Hill on the importance of wellness care in chiropractic treatment.  You should seek chiropractic are 6x per year/ every two months for realignments and decompression of your spine.  Call 225-926-1900 for your appointment for your spinal check-up and step towards wellness.

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